Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) - Love, Iran, Freedom

United States Congressional Research Service, March 18, 2015

Staunch oppositionists and revolutionaries, many now favor replacement of the regime with secular democracy. Groups composed of well-educated, Westernized urban youth are the backbone of the Green Movement. Many are women. Student leaders currently attempting, with mixed success, to gain support of older generation, labor, clerics, village-dwellers, and other segments. One key bloc in this group is the Confederation of Iranian Students, led by CIS founder Amir Abbas Fakhravar, who was jailed for five years for his role in July 1999 student uprising and his books and speeches. In 2013, CIS formed a “National Iranian Congress” to advocate replacement of the regime with a free and democratic system. It is populated by staunchly pro-American, pro-free market activists who support an embargo on Iranian oil purchases and central bank sanctions. Co-founder, Arzhang Davoodi, has been in prison for 11 years and in July 2014 was sentenced to death. (United States State Department Document)