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Doba Direct is a free tool to create an online store, by which you eliminate website costs, enjoy one-click sharing products to social networks to boost online sales, and manage your profits flexibly.
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Leverage Doba Direct to find and sell products directly to your buyers
Why Doba Direct
How Doba Direct Works
Create Your Store for FREE
Doba Direct is free for all subscribers, regardless of whether you have already signed up Doba for a free or paid subscription. Don't have a Doba account yet? Don't worry, registration only takes a few seconds. Then quickly create your store for free.
Sell on Social Networks
Find your niche from our 700,000+ products and easily list them to your store. Get a generated link to a product, share it directly to your social networks, and start selling.
Instant messaging
Send a product link in the chat with your buyer
Social media post & video
Make your social media posts even more shoppable
Social media bio
Turn your followers into buyers
Add a product link to an email sending to your buyer
Streamline Order Fulfillment
When your customer places an order, you can easily view and track the sale with Doba Direct, then our suppliers will ship the product directly to your customer.
Accept Payments with Stripe
Register for a Stripe account and connect it with Doba Direct, which enables you to safely accept payments, send payouts, and manage your profits.